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The Crown Valley Group, Inc. has loan programs that offer up to 70% of the As–Is, After Repair, or After Construction Value of your property.  We will loan up to 100% of your projects that do not exceed up to 70% of the After Completion or As – Is value of your property. 

There are options for

    • Line of Credit programs for the active investor
    • New Construction financing
    • Purchase and Renovation financing
    • Commercial Real Estate financing
    • Cash out refinancing (up to 65% of the As-Is value)

Interest Rate

The interest rate might vary based on your credit, experience, and the estimated value of the property. The average interest rate is between 13% and 15%.


Your lender closing costs average 3 to 5 points, plus the costs of inspection fees and property evaluations. You will be informed specifically of your costs and responsibilities prior to closing

Loan Term

Our standard loan periods are quick, falling between 6 and 12 months for single family residential loans, and up to 18 months for commercial loans. You can prepay anytime you want, for unlike traditional options, our loans from never have a prepayment penalty.

Monthly Payment

We offer interest-only loans, billed on a monthly basis. Each monthly payment is simple interest.


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