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“We use The Crown Valley Group because of their expertise in Real Estate and their willingness to help us through the process.”

                          Investor, Atlanta
"The Crown Valley Group always answers the phone when I call with a question, they are always eager to help and will give me an honest answer on the value of the property."
                           Investor/Contractor, Atlanta
 “In working with other lending corporations, The Crown Valley Group is the only firm to whom I would give a sterling recommendation to.”
                        Investor, Atlanta

A Testimonial:  Working With The Crown Valley Group


Name: Ginger Chandler
Company: Owner, Transforming Atlanta

Like many Atlanta real estate investors coming to The Crown Valley Group, Ginger Chandler’s company Transforming Atlanta was searching for the right investment opportunities.

“We were ready to act, and had a desire to find good deals on a variety of investment properties,” Chandler says. “We noticed this company from yet another ‘For Sale’ sign in the area, and decided to call.”

Prompt, Efficient and Deliberate

The Crown Valley Group made a lasting first impression on Chandler. “They were immediately prompt, efficient and deliberate,” she says. “Their response was quick and courteous, but they were very down-to-earth.” Transforming Atlanta had been seeking alternatives, but Chandler identified clear differences between The Crown Valley Group and her other choices.

“They were different than other options we looked at because they have properties in nice areas and financing that is readily available,” Chandler says. ”They also offered 12 months instead of six months to pay back hard money loans, which was important to Transforming Atlanta.”

She continues, “Some other options may offer less points, but they have more headaches and more sales jargon crap to deal with. The Crown Valley Group operates with a higher level of integrity. They work hard to maintain that it is always a real relationship you share with genuinely caring individuals. It brought me a greater level of comfort knowing our relationship was based on mutual respect with a give-give type of status.”

Measurable Success

Once partnered with The Crown Valley Group, Chandler was pleased to see that Transforming Atlanta received service that remained consistent and dependable. More importantly, she says, “We began to see benefits from our decisions right away. We almost immediately began to receive referrals from potential property purchases, which was very exciting.”    

Time has passed since that first successful deal, but Transforming Atlanta continues to rely on The Crown Valley Group as a dependable partner in Atlanta real estate investing. Chandler says that she considers it a significant measure of success that a company like The Crown Valley Group can remain so consistent with their core values and high levels of customer service.

“The Crown Valley Group are all very knowledgeable in their business and respond to my needs with rapid movement. Like us, relationships are a number one priority to them.”

Chandler states that she now refers other investors to The Crown Valley Group, and is happy to do so. “I feel confident in referring investors to The Crown Valley Group because the integrity they claim in the beginning is always there—they don’t mutate into something different than what they claim to be. Our relationship has been really great…and actually it is still just as strong, because they continue to support our growth.”

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